Where China's Top Domestic & Multinational Clinical Development Leaders Meet

2019 Theme: 

Build-to-Last: The Next Steps in Building a Sustainable Innovation-Based Drug Development Ecosystem

After a few years of tremendous growth and the creation of many new Chinese biotechs, 2019 is proving to be the year where they seek to settle into strategies that will enable success for the long term.  Industry dynamics have shifted: VC funding is much harder to come by, competition for development talent is fierce, and the field of companies vying for a share in hot new areas such as immuno-oncology/CAR-T is over-crowded.  Where is the industry headed next and what will the impact be on drug developers in China?  

This year's program will feature a streamlined program with content split into 5 distinct sections:

1. What’s the Pathway to a Sustainable Innovation-Based Ecosystem?

  • How Can Chinese Biotechs Differentiate From Each Other Enough to Succeed in China and globally?
  • Talent War: How Do We Overcome the Current Supply/Demand Challenge for Experienced Drug Development Talent in China?
  • Incentivizing Innovation: When Will Private Insurance Arrive and Why Is It Taking So Long to Come?
  • Investment Perspectives: How Do You Prioritze Your Development Portfolio in the New Environment of the Current Cash Winter?

2. Hot New Therapeutic Areas to Target

  • CAR-T: The Latest Global Developments and China’s Path to Success
  • Rare Diseases Clinical Development in China: Overcoming the Current Challenges
  • Combination Trials of Novel/Novel Drugs: Global and China Outlook 
  • New Opportunities in CNS & Metabolic Diseases?

 3. Emerging Areas Where China Can Lead

  • Real World Evidence: Can China Take Lead Globally to Expand New Drug Approvals via RWE?
  • Application and Scorecard of New Technologies (AI, Virtual Trials, Big Data) to Improve Clinical Outcomes
  • The Power of Patient-Centric Clinical Development

 4. Going Global: Simultaneous Development in China, US, Australia, EU

  • Should You File IND in the US Before/After or Simultaneously Alongside Your China IND?
  • What Are the Opportunities and Benefits of Conducting Trials in Australia
  • Identify the Best Trial Management Strategies for Running your Clinical Development Programs in the US + China
  • Learn from Case Studies from Chinese Biotechs Who Have Successfully Received IND Approval from US FDA

5. What is MNC’s Role in China’s New Development Environment?

  • Impact of New Genetic Regulations: Sharing Experiences Since July’s Implementation
  • Competitor vs. Partner: How Do MNC’s View Domestic Biotechs?
  • Importing New Drugs to China Using Foreign Data: Latest Process and Speed Developments