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If you are interested in showcasing your company’s services to senior clinical development executives from Chinese and US BioPharmas, please contact: jon.liong@lycheegroup.com.

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  • Novotech

    Novotech is internationally recognized as the leading Asia Pacific centred Biotech Contract Research Organization (CRO) with global execution capabilities.

    Novotech is a clinical CRO with labs, phase I facilities, drug development consulting services and FDA regulatory expertise and has experience in over 5,000 clinical projects, including Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. Novotech is positioned to serve biotech clients conducting clinical trials in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe. Novotech has over 3000 staff globally and 34 office locations.



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  • PPD

    PPD is a leading global contract research organization, as part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, providing comprehensive, integrated drug development, laboratory and lifecycle management services. Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic and government organizations. With more than 34,000 professionals worldwide, PPD has conducted clinical trials in more than 100 countries to help customers deliver life-changing therapies to improve health. We apply innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a firm commitment to quality to bend the cost and time curve of drug development and optimize value. For more information, visit thermofisher.com/ppd. Please contact us via email PPDChina.sm@ppd.com.

  • Thermo Fisher

    Thermo Fisher Scientific provides industry-leading pharma services solutions for drug development, clinical trial logistics, and commercial manufacturing to customers through our Patheon brand. With more than 65 locations around the world, we provide integrated, end-to-end capabilities across all phases of development, including API, biologics, viral vectors, cGMP plasmids, formulation, clinical trials solutions, logistics services, and commercial manufacturing and packaging. Built on a reputation for scientific and technical excellence, we provide pharma and biotech companies of all sizes instant access to a global network of facilities and experts across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We offer integrated drug development and clinical services tailored to fit your drug development journey through our Quick to Care™ program. Our Quick to Clinic™ programs for large and small molecules help you balance speed and risk during early development so that you can file your IND quickly and successfully. Digital innovations such as our mysupply Platform and Pharma 4.0 enablement offer real-time data and a streamlined experience. Together with our customers, we’re rapidly turning pharmaceutical possibilities into realities.

    www.thermofisher.cn l www.thermofisher.com/patheon-cn


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  • Harvest Integrated Research Organization

    Harvest Integrated Research Organization (HiRO) is a globally oriented, innovative clinical research organization (CRO). With global operations and integration capabilities, HiRO provides a full range of cross-border solutions and services to its clients, including early pre-clinical strategic planning, clinical trial design, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, statistics, data management, end-to-end project management, and clinical and medical monitoring services.

    As an emerging global CRO, HiRO strives to become a market-leading, integrated global clinical research organization that works collaboratively with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to bring new products from the laboratory to the market, providing more effective solutions for patients worldwide. For more information on HiRO, please visit www.harvestiro.com


    MERIT is a global clinical trial endpoint services provider offering reliable and attentive expertise in our therapeutic areas. Our decades of experience allow us to hit the ground running on your project. You can feel confident in our proven track record; MERIT has supported twelve of the top twenty global pharmaceutical companies. Our clients rely on us as a trusted R&D partner.



    PSI is a unique global CRO with offices and an operational presence of full-time operational staff in more than 50 countries. PSI is headquartered in Switzerland and is fully owned by the management team that created the company in 1995. 

    PSI is known for its commitment to delivery and service, focus on global pivotal phase II and III trials, as well as exceptionally high repeat business rates. 

    Biotech and pharma clients that work with PSI on global trials tend to stay with them for decades, which explains the company's stability and steady organic growth supported by exceptionally low staff turnover rates.

    PSI's mission is to be the best CRO in the world as measured by their employees, clients, investigators, and vendors. 


  • Sanofi

    Sanofi is an innovative global healthcare company that entered China in 1982 and has a diversified business that ranges from pharmaceuticals and human vaccines to consumer healthcare. As a local multinational in China, Sanofi is committed to introducing innovative medicines and vaccines faster in China and transforming the practice of medicine to serve the broadest base of the Chinese people, and never stops questing to make life better for patients, partners, communities, and our own people. 





  • Agilex Biolabs

    Agilex Biolabs is the largest and most technologically advanced regulated bioanalytical and toxicology laboratory in Australia. In our 25 years of performing regulated bioanalysis of small and large molecules, we have accelerated hundreds of preclinical and clinical trials around the world.  

    As a global leader in providing flexible solutions, Agilex Biolabs has accelerated numerous drug development programs from US, APAC and EU. In addition to working with Agilex, you can enjoy the Australian advantage including quick start-up for early phase trials, regulatory speed and R&D Tax rebate (43.5%) .

    Our service:
    1. Pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis
    • Biologics,
    • Small molecules (17x LC-MS/MS),
    • Biosimilars

    2. Pharmacodynamics (PD) analysis
    • Biomarker solutions (MSD, ELISA, Flow cytometry, ddPCR, Elispot etc)
    • Immunogenicity studies,
    • Cell based assays (RO, ADA, Immunophenotyping, etc)

    3. GLP/Non-GLP Toxicology


  • Almac

    For over 25 years Almac Clinical Technologies group has been leading the Interactive Response Technology industry with over 700 clients and 4000 trials, bringing together the most innovative technology and our unparalleled expertise to empower biopharmaceutical industry and help bring new therapies to patients.


  • Clin-Nov Medical Technology

    Clin-Nov Medical Technology Co. (Clin-Nov) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering comprehensive drug research & development solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Science is at the forefront of everything we do. The technologies we utilize allow us to help you advance new treatments for patients around the world.

    Our solutions range from IND to NDA, including Pre-IND Consultation, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, Project Management, Data Management and Statistics Programming, 3rd-Party Audit, Pharmacovigilance and all the way through Post-marketing Studies.


  • CMAX Clinical Research

    CMAX Clinical Research has been a leader in early phase clinical trials for 30 years, making it one of the most respected clinical trial businesses in Australia.

    Our modern custom-built facility is equipped with 78 inpatient beds and located within Adelaide’s Bio-Med City, providing ready access to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and world-class medical specialists.

    CMAX has a later phase decentralised brand, Fusion Clinical Research.

    Australian clinical trials are known for quick start-up timelines, cost competitiveness and quality, with data recognised by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. CMAX’s services are eligible for the generous Australian R&D Tax Incentive scheme. 


  • Elixir Clinical Research

    Elixir Clinical Research Co., Ltd. is a global technology-enabled full service CRO. Elixir Clinical Research is committed to improving R&D efficiency and empowering post-market real-world studies through its iECR digital technology platform and providing world-class one-stop innovative solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and scientific research institutions worldwide. In this way, ECR can help reduce time to market for new drugs, escort the clinical value management of the whole life cycle of products, and thus benefit patients around the world.

    The headquarters is located in Shanghai, with a presence in 25+ cities worldwide, covering both domestic and overseas markets and customer needs. We provide a full range of clinical research services, including registration and regulatory affairs, medical science, clinical operations and project management, data management, biostatistical analysis, biostatistics programming, pharmacovigilance, real-world research and medical affairs services, and cardiac safety assessment. These services span the entire lifecycle from BE to phases I-IV and post-marketing. For more information, please kindly contact us at  info@ecr-global.com or  +86-021-80143100.


  • ICON

    ICON is the world’s leading clinical research organization, powered by healthcare intelligence. From molecule to medicine, we advance clinical research providing outsourced development and commercialization services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and government and public health organizations. We develop new innovations, drive emerging therapies forward and improve patient lives. With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, ICON employed approximately 41,150 employees in 94 locations in 44countries.

    For further information about ICON, visit: www.iconplc.com.

  • Jsure Health


  • Shengsheng Logistics


  • Taimei Technology

    Taimei Technology is a Digital Innovator in the R&D and Life Science Industry. Taimei has developed an industry-leading, successfully deployed integrated digital platform that is dedicated to clinical research with in-depth insights into drug R&D, pharmacovigilance, marketing & sales and market access.

    Our unified digital platform integrates advanced AI, big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet technologies to provide innovative solutions to the industry stakeholders across the full product life cycle.

    Taimei Technology is building the infrastructure for the future of the life science industry to accelerate product launches, improve quality, enhance drug safety, improve drug accessibility and reduce the medical burden on patients and providers.


  • Tigermed

    Tigermed (Stock code: 300347.SZ/3347.HK) is a leading global provider of integrated research and development solutions for biopharmaceutical and medical device industry. With a broad portfolio of services and a promise of quality, from preclinical development to clinical trial to commercialization, we are collaborating with over 2,800 customers and committed to moving their development journey efficiently and cost-effectively. Tigermed currently represents a worldwide network of more than 180 locations with over 10,000 employees across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. We are devoted to building an integrated platform that enables the boundless possibilities for the healthcare industry, embracing challenges to fulfill our commitment to serving unmet patients’ needs, and ultimately saving lives.


  • Viedoc Technologies

    Viedoc Technologies is a developer of eClinical systems, founded in Uppsala, Sweden in 2003.

    We create user-friendly, scalable software that complies with the demands of every phase of a clinical study–making what matters more accessible.

    The system is used all over the world by major clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and academic institutions.


  • Xincere Med Tech

    Shanghai Xincere Med Tech lnc. is the Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) platform solution supplier in Chinafocuses on the development of a patient-centric intelligent platform for remote clinical trials. Powered by theapplication of digital technology in clinical trials, Xincere strives to improve the accessibility of clinical trialsto alleviate the burden of patients, to advance the quality and efficiency of clinical studies, and to reduce thecost ofdrug R&D.