The New Meeting Place for Senior Clinical Development Leaders from Top China + US Innovative Biotechs

2019 Theme: 

Should Simultaneous Clinical Development in China + US Be Your Global Strategy?

CHINATRIALS+US is the new annual meeting place for senior clinical development leaders from the top innovative biotechs in China and the US.  

The Summit will focus its discussion on identifying the best global development strategies biotechs should adopt to include both China+US markets, enabling them to most effectively and efficiently bring their innovative new therapies to the world's number one and two pharmaceutical markets.  


By attending CHINATRIALS+US, you will:
  • Discover how recent regulatory reform has dramatically reduced the barrier-to-entry for foreign companies to bring treatments to China
  • Hear case studies from US pharma/biotechs who have successfully received IND or NDA approval in China
  • Determine if traditional models such as out-licensing to Chinese partners are still the best strategy
  • Establish criteria for selecting a CRO and partners in China: what are the advantages of multinational vs local partners?
  • Learn best practices on how to navigate the CFDA
  • Meet potential Chinese partners for out-licensing opportunties and other cross-border co-development parternships


By attending CHINATRIALS+US, you will:
  • Learn how to file IND in the US separately or simultaneously alongside your China IND
  • Identify the best strategies for running your clinical development programs in the US
  • Discover best practices on how to navigate the US FDA
  • Hear case studies from Chinese biotechs who have successfully received IND approval from US FDA
  • Establish how to best select CRO's and other development partners in the US
  • Meet potential US partners seeking to out-license or partner their assets for development for China market