Where China's Senior Clinical Development Executives Meet

We focus on quality of audience, not quantity by specifically aiming for a group of around 500 attendees.  We believe that this is the right number to ensure that our audience is made up of decision-makers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors.

China Trials Meeting Room

2022 Hot Topics Covered!

  • China Biotech Innovation in the New Medicines Arena: How to Reward Innovation and Strategies for Global Success
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Globally: How Has COVID Advanced Adoption and Are the Changes Here to Stay?
  • DCT in China: Building the Ecosystem for Decentralized Clinical Trials in China
  • How Do the FDA & EMEA View Remote Trials?
  • Has the FDA Closed Its Door?  How to Work with the FDA to Ensure China Data/Quality Acceptance
  • Revisiting ICH Guideline E17: Are New Models for MRCT Needed?
  • Managing Clinical Trials in China During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned
  • Case Studies: Conducting Simultaneous Trials in China + US in the Current Environment
  • Gene & Cell Therapy Drug Development in China: What's Next?
  • Navigating Capital Markets & VC Investment in the Current Environment: Impact on New Drug Development
  • Is the License-In/License-Out Model Still a Viable Strategy for Chinese Biotechs?
  • Vaccine Development in China: Current & Future Outlook
  • The Outlook of Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development in China
  • Partnerships with MNCs for Drug Development Globally and in China 
  • Chinese Biotech M&A: Is Your Company Ready to Acquire or Be Acquired?
  • Real World Data: The Road to Bringing Innovative Therapies to Patients Faster?
  • How to Design Trials to Better Serve the Needs of Clinical & Needs of Patients
  • Patient Recruitment During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned for Future Planning


How Will You Benefit From Attending?

Senior-Level Attendee Profile

Over 75% of attendees at ChinaTrials are director-level and above. The majority of attendees are from multinational and domestic Chinese pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Relevant government regulatory officials, university professors and investigators from China’s top hospitals also attend the event.

Endless Networking Opportunities

Over 15 hours of dedicated networking time is directly built into the program agenda to facilitate introductions between potential new business contacts in informal settings such as luncheons and cocktail receptions.

Best Practices from the Experts

Learn from over 75 carefully selected speakers who are running hundreds of trials in China and North Asia for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

Presentation Topics Selected By and For Industry Executives

We spend hundreds of hours of market research, talking to hundreds of clinical development executives in every job function from every region. This is why ChinaTrials provides the best coverage of the hottest topics by the highest quality speakers of any China clinical event.

Worth Your Time

In just two and half days, you will hear from and meet all the top experts in the China clinical development field and you will meet and exchange ideas with hundreds of your peers from the BioPharma and Device industries. The invaluable information you take away from attending the meeting will have an immediate impact on your daily business activities.

Conference Organizer You Can Trust

ChinaTrials is organized by Lychee Group, the same team that helps organize many of the top global healthcare events in China that you’ve probably heard of including China Healthcare Investment Conference, BioCentury's China Healthcare Summit and more!