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  • PharmaDJ

    Founded in 2014, PharmaDJ has expanded from a media outlet to a business intelligence platform including data-driven research, event organization and strategy consulting. Our areas of interest cover the entire drug life cycle, from early drug research, scientific translation to clinical development, commercial strategies, as well as market access strategies and public relations & communication strategies. Our editorial team are based in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing and New Jersey.



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    BayHelix Group is a non-profit, invitation-only organization of business leaders of Chinese heritage that fosters the growth of the life sciences and healthcare industry around the Pacific Rim and beyond. Founded in 2001, BayHelix has grown to over 300 members throughout the U.S., Canada, and Greater China. The membership base covers virtually all of the world’s top pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, as well as leading services and investment firms. Over one third of the members are senior executives, over 80% have PhDs in the life sciences, and nearly half have MBAs from the leading business schools in U.S.


    Founded by Chinese American Hematologists and Oncologists in 2005, the primary missions of CAHON are to foster communications amongst Chinese American medical professionals for the delivery of high-quality health care to patients with neoplastic and hematological diseases, and to promote medical information exchange between the United States and China in the field of hematology and oncology. CAHON strives to serve as a bridge among its members and between Chinese and American Hematology-Oncology communities for medical and educational exchange.



    Media Partners

  • Biodiscover

    Biodiscover (www.biodiscover.com) is a newly media portal to explore the value of biosciences, and committed to disseminate the forefront of biotechnology and successful business model in the field of life sciences. Biodiscover.com has more than 13,000 registered users so far. Additionally, our website gains over 2000,000 page views per month.

    Our website introduces the most advanced and dynamic bioinformatics technology in the field of life sciences, providing prospective, in-depth research information and technical topics for biologists in china; providing the latest bioindustry dynamics and reports for enterprises; providing a interaction platform for biological enterprises and individuals; integrating the latest exhibitions, conferences and technical seminars of biopharmaceutical etc. 

  • ChinaBio

    Since its founding in January, 2007, ChinaBio® LLC has rapidly launched a number of initiatives accelerating the globalization of China's life science industry. ChinaBio has helped China companies raise nearly $400 million and global life science companies identify over 400 licensing and acquisition opportunities in China.

    • Conferences: ChinaBio organizes the premier life science investment and partnering conferences in China, having attracted over 4,000 attendees.
    • Consulting: ChinaBio works with global life science companies and China entrepreneurs to define and execute a successful global strategy.
    • Transactions: ChinaBio Capital helps companies secure partnerships and acquisitions and access private and government funding in China.
    • Publishing: ChinaBio Today is the most widely read online and email newsletter on China's life science industry.


  • GBI


    Founded in Shanghai in 2002, GBI has built a diverse portfolio of market intelligence solutions for pharmaceutical and device companies and other service providers. Focused on China and the Latin American markets, GBI’s value-added industry information, news, and data services power individuals and organizations’ decision-making and enable more effective communication. As a trusted source of information, GBI has established long-term relationships with both multinational players and local firms, and continues to drive forward the health care industry.


    GBI has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Washington D.C.



  • Insight China Pharma Data

    Insight is a database created by the professional team of DXY. It was formerly known as DXY Pharma Database, which was launched in 2006, and changed its name to Insight-China Pharma Data in 2013. Since 2002, Insight has been dedicated to analyzing pharmaceutical data from various databases on subjects like application, clinical trial, marketing, consistency evaluation, market access, patents, drugs marketed in Europe, US and Japan, enterprise analysis and medical administration news, which enables it to provide professional insights and consulting services for pharmaceutical industry participants. In the past 13 years, we have served and partnered with over 3,000 companies, including domesticand foreign-funded pharmaceutical companies, investment companies, consulting companies, scientific research institutions and CRO companies.

    Track drug development progress for improved R&D efficiency: Insight provides data solutions that span the entire drug lifecycle from preclinical studies through application and registration to market launch

    Analyze market dynamics for enhanced product competitiveness: Insight covers all the drugs marketed in China and abroad, and allows for multi-dimensional query based on data of medical insurance, essential medicines and winning bids

    Analyze enterprise profiles for higher ROI: Insight integrates the information on pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad, and displays their R&D, product and market strength in figures and charts. It helps enterprises to study their competitors and facilitates investment decision-making


  • Lingmed

    Lingmed is a young, professional and fast growing company, it promotes world best in class intelligence databases to healthcare industry and provide with its premium services – Linkedbio - which provides analytical services and reports to help our clients to make better decisions and support BD sourcing activities.